TU Graz – Institut für Maschinenbau- und Betriebsinformatik (MBI)

Identification and simulation-based evaluation of automation and digitisation solutions in the area of shunting for WP 6 "Shunting of the future". Simulation of migration scenarios of the Digital Automatic Coupling DAK for WP 5 "Automation in rail freight transport".

The methodological focus can be divided into two research fields: Operations Research (Simulation, Optimisation, Decision Support Systems, Data Analytics,...) and Human-Centered Systems Design (IT Service Design, System Architecture, Systems Engineering,...).    

In addition to methodological basic research, the MBI has a long history of applied research activities in the areas of Production and Logistics, Health Care, Public Safety and Disaster Relief and Rail Systems.

In the field of Rail Systems in particular, the MBI has many years of expertise in the areas of logistics infrastructure, process analysis, digitalisation strategies, process automation and asset management.

In TARO, the main tasks of the MBI consist of an in-depth analysis of existing shunting processes, identification of optimisation and automation levers, as well as the development of a shunting simulation library for the operational and economic evaluation of these levers. In addition, an analysis of the influences of selected migration scenarios with regard to the introduction of the DAK will be carried out.