ÖBB Purchasing, your competent partner

The rail customer is at the heart of everything we do. In order to create optimal solutions for our customers, we place high demands on ourselves and on our existing and future suppliers. Only when we give our best together can we create extraordinary products for our customers.

We expect of our suppliers what we expect of ourselves:

  • Innovative spirit
  • Open-mindedness
  • Quality
  • Optimal total costs
  • Reliability
  • Implementing projects professionally with a focus on partnership

How to reach us:

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone +43 1 93000 977 1212

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Our tender platform

At ÖBB, we award orders on the basis of functional performance descriptions and objectively assessable criteria in accordance with the sector provisions of the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act. In principle, these are notified in the tender documents. The actual tender procedure is carried out on our electronic tender platform PROVIA.

Tender platform PROVIA:

Important to know: The initial registration is carried out directly via a procedure published on PROVIA or via the link to the registration page (see below). For further participation in an electronic tender procedure, you will need an electronic signature. Please find out more in good time by visiting bürgerkarte.at


Information: New Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act

Pursuant to the new Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act, ÖBB is required to complete the tender procedure entirely in electronic form (E-Tendering) for procurements within the upper value range with effect from 18.10.2018. E-Tendering requires all communication between the principal and the applicant/bidder to be made electronically.

This also means that applicants or bidders will only be able to submit partial applications and offers for tender procedures in the upper value range that are initiated after 18.10.2018. This requires a qualified electronic signature pursuant to the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act 2018 (BVergG). Submission is via the tender platform PROVIA (www.provia.at).

PROVIA already enables submission in electronic format. However, the mandatory E-Tender means that the current regularly used alternative of submitting partial applications and offers in paper form will no longer be possible. Please ensure in good time that you are able to electronically sign and submit your partial applications and offers, so that you are in a position to also participate in upper value range tender procedures of ÖBB after 18.10.2018. Our technical support, whose contact data can be found in the service area of the bidder portal, will be pleased to assist with any queries you may have.

Our purchasing organisation

ÖBB Purchasing is organised according to a lead buyer concept. Strategic overall control of ÖBB Purchasing is undertaken through ÖBB Holding. The individual lead buyer organisations are located in Infrastruktur AG, Personenverkehr AG, Technische Services GmbH, Business Competence Center GmbH, and Rail Equipment GmbH.


Current tenders

You can find our currently published tenders at auftrag.at. Furthermore, in accordance with the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act, tenders are published in the official supplier bulletin of the Wiener Zeitung newspaper and, for procedures in the upper value range, additionally in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Current tenders

Supplier management

Reliable and competitive partners make an important contribution to the corporate success of ÖBB. This is precisely why ÖBB places such importance on comprehensive supplier management.

Supplier management terms of use
Instructions for online registration

ÖBB supplier management comprises the following modules:


Becoming a supplier:

If you are not yet a supplier for ÖBB, then you have the possibility to register here.

Register here

Information on invoicing

Invoicing throughout the entire ÖBB Group takes place electronically via www.erechnung.gv.at