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Compliance at ÖBB

Our Responsibility. As one of Austria’s leading companies the ÖBB Group has committed itself to accept its high level of social responsibility towards customers, employees and the Austrian taxpayers.

Against this background, we as a state enterprise are expected to conduct our daily business with integrity and due professional care. This implies that it is essential for us as a company to serve as a role model in being compliant with legal rules and regulations.

Compliance for us connotes a commitment to having an effective, efficient and transparent design of all of our business processes.
This means not only taking reactive measures regarding breaches of legal rules and regulations, but also designing an effective risk detection and monitoring system. This can finally avoid risks and subsequently prevent financial losses or reputational damage.

Economic success and satisfied customers are key elements of the sustainable success of the ÖBB Group.
A key responsibility of our compliance department is the fight against corruption. Therefore, the anti-corruption unit is located in the Compliance Office. Thus, it can be ensured that all information that reaches the anti-corruption unit of the ÖBB Group will be kept strictly confidential and is handled with professional care.

Our customized compliance management system

The ÖBB Group compliance management system is based on international standards and is carried out as follows:

Code of Conduct - The Code of Conduct of the ÖBB Group

The Code of Conduct of the ÖBB Group describes the ethical and general principles to which the ÖBB Group aligns its economic activity and constitutes the essential elements of its corporate culture.

The Code of Conduct applies to the directors, officers and employees of the ÖBB Group and includes the following topics:

  • legal and lawful behavior
  • corruption and its prevention
  • conflicts of interest
  • moonlighting and participations
  • dealing with companies assets
  • data privacy and data security
  • lobbying
  • competition
  • partnerships with suppliers
  • environmental protection
  • political activities
  • responsibility / consequences

Chief Compliance Officer

Mag. Christoph Hirschmann


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