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EBE Solutions GmbH has a wide experience of railroad safety engineering and collects the basic requirements in the work package „train protection light“. A basic concept of a train protection system is developed with our corporate partners and rail infrastructure companies. It includes elicitation and definition of requirements as well as risk analyses.

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EBE Solutions GmbH has extensive know-how and wide-ranging experience in the field of railroad technology, as well as a product range (modular system) for the realization of safety systems and interlockings in various national and international forms. Our company is active in the planning, development and implementation of safety systems for level crossings.

We already completed several R&D projects in the field of railroad technology. The main topics are the development and implementation of simplified electronic interlockings (SIL 2, SIL 4), realization of safety systems of regional railways, system for safe transmission of sensor data and signals and the development of a concept for control systems and safety systems on regional railways. 

Our part in the TARO project is developing technical solutions and variants, analyzing novel technologies used in other industries for their applicability in the train control sector and assuming the following tasks in the realization of the demonstrator. Development, evalutation, manufacturing and implementation of infrastructure-sided subsystems and the monitoring of the trial operation (e.g. collection and analysis of system records).