Renercon is responsible for the development of energy-autonomous systems along regional railway lines in the TARO project AP7

RENERCON has been working intensively on the direct use of renewable energy systems as traction current with Austrian Federal Railways for years  The focus here is on photovoltaic and wind power plants, which feed the energy generated directly into the traction current grid in the required quality. Together, they contribute to an increase in ÖBB's own generation capacities. In the FFG project TARO, the challenge is now to test the possible use of these new technologies in the small and very small service sector along regional railway lines. The relevant safety regulations, the challenges of different network frequencies, the control technology and the special characteristics of regional railway lines are incorporated into the overall project and result in a technical/economic feasibility study. A specially developed demonstrator is intended to provide all responsible areas of ÖBB with a "proof of concept" and prepare for the use of such systems in the near future.