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Vehicle data analysis for automated prediction and assessment of potential damage to vehicles for predictive maintenance, Measurement and modeling of highly reliable 5G communication for branch lines using massive MIMO to connect safety-critical railroad elements.

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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology holds a leading position in innovation in Austria and plays a key role at the European level as the research and technology institution that addresses the key infrastructure issues of the future. AIT works on the key innovations and infrastructure topics of the future, taking a systems view.

AIT has a long tradition of research activities in the railroad sector in the areas of energy management (demand side management), digitalization and optimization of operations and processes, and automation of shunting.

AIT has also long-standing expertise in measuring and modeling wireless communication channels in challenging environments. In TARO, highly reliable communication for branch lines between traction unit and a stationary installed safety component (railroad crossing) using massive MIMO over the path of a 5G base station is researched. The measurement data will be used to create geometry-based channel models that can be used in digital twins to test radio communication systems.