About the Group

The Austrian Federal Railways (“ÖBB”) have been shaping mobility in Austria since 1923. Unlike in other countries, ÖBB is a truly integrated group. It is responsible for the infrastructure (rails, stations, tunnels) and the transportation of people and goods. ÖBB generates a large part of its energy in hydroelectric power plants, with photovoltaic systems and wind power. The remaining purchased electricity is 100% green traction power from renewable energy sources.

As a comprehensive mobility and logistics service provider, ÖBB transported a total of 447 million passengers and more than 88 million tons of goods to their destinations in 2022 in a climate-friendly and environmentally friendly manner. With 95.5 percent punctuality in passenger transport, ÖBB is one of the most punctual railroads in Europe. With investments of more than three billion euros annually in rail infrastructure, ÖBB is building the rail system for tomorrow. Throughout the Group, around 42,600 bus and rail employees and an additional 2,000 apprentices ensure that more than 1.2 million passengers and around 1,230 freight trains arrive safely at their destinations every day. ÖBB is present in 18 countries.