Sustainable on all levels

As the largest mobility provider and one of the largest employers in Austria, ÖBB is relevant in many ways: – enabling climate-friendly mobility and transport is our mission. This is because train travel is by far the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Cityjet fährt bei Blumenwiese vorbei

For ÖBB, sustainability is the key to long-term entrepreneurial success. In order to meet our broad responsibility – especially towards future generations – and for the purpose of establishing a long-term economic orientation, we have set strategic sustainability goals, defined measures and regularly review relevant Group figures.

In our daily business as well as in a multitude of projects and partnerships, we are committed to a sustainable and climate-friendly transport turnaround and see ourselves as Austria's largest climate protection company in the field of mobility. Our considerations and actions focus on ecological and economic issues as well as social aspects.

Our mission to encourage as many people as possible to switch to rail and bus relieves the environment, conserves resources, saves energy and causes comparatively low CO2 emissions. Every year, we save Austria an average of 4 million tonnes of CO2-eq with our rail transport services.

Insight into sustainability and climate protection

The Sustainability Report 2022 and the Climate Protection Strategy 2030 can be found here: