Code of Conduct on Lobbying for the ÖBB Group

On 27 June 2012 the package on transparency has been prepared by the Austrian National Council that consists of several laws, including the Lobbying and Advocacy Transparency Act, referred to in abbreviated form as the "LobbyG 2012".

The LobbyG 2012 aims to create maximum transparency in the area of lobbying and advocacy and came into force on 01.01.2013. Companies employing corporate lobbyists are required to base their lobbying activities on a Code of Conduct. Reference and information must be provided about this in the context of any Internet presence and upon request the Code of Conduct must be posted or supplied to "any interested party".

Based on the legal requirements, a special Code of Conduct on Lobbying has been created for the ÖBB Group, which is available for download: Code of Conduct on Lobbying for the ÖBB Group (PDF)