Basic information on supplier registration and qualification.

Process of supplier registration and qualification: Company Information - Contact Information - Material Group - Requirements - Validation

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You can get full basic information on supplier registration and qualification here.

Interested companies can register as a supplier on their own initiative in the supplier registration area of the ÖBB supplier portal.

During the registration procedure, you will select the product groups (product and services portfolio) in which you would like to supply ÖBB.

Multiple product groups can also be selected. Specific qualification requirements are envisaged in individual product groups. Please note that being included in the supplier pool of the ÖBB Group does not give rise to a direct legal claim to participation in a tender procedure or to consideration within the scope of tenders, nor to an order.

ÖBB has set up special qualification systems (“verification systems”) within the scope of application of the Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act 2018. In order to participate in tenders that are held on the basis of such a verification system, the supplier must be included in the respective verification system in addition to registering. A corresponding request for verification must be made for this. This verification takes place in our bidder portal PROVIA.

Following successful registration in our SMS, your profile is simultaneously and automatically created on our bidder portal PROVIA. Shortly thereafter, you will receive the details needed to access both systems.

What exactly is a verification system?

  • The Austrian Federal Public Procurement Act requires that orders may only be awarded to “suitable” companies in possession of the corresponding authority, reliability and capability. A verification system enables the suitability of potential applicants for future procurements to be determined (pre-qualification). The prerequisite for this is that the company submits a request for verification. Checks will then be carried out to determine whether the company in question is generally suitable for rendering certain services. In the case of a concrete tender procedure, the verification can be used as a call for competition.