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Moving Austria

Extensive coverage and availability, driving the country’s economy forward and providing necessary technological impetus – these are the requirements that are right at the top of the priorities list of the Austrian Federal Railways and that are also fulfilled by the ÖBB.

ÖBB is a unique company. No other company in Austria has such an extensive footprint, reaching so many people. Many people only experience ÖBB when travelling by train or bus, but ÖBB is so much more. We are an employer for approx. 40,000 people, Austria’s largest provider of technical training and an important logistics service provider. ÖBB creates infrastructure on behalf of the Republic and is one of the domestic economy’s largest clients. The company operates a large number of hydropower plants generating “clean” electricity, and is also one of the country’s most important real estate administrators.

How this works?

We provide detailed facts and figures to show how this works – you could say that we pop the hood of the impressive system of the railways:

Grafik Publikation

Passenger numbers

In 2015, 459 million passengers took advantage of the mobility services provided by ÖBB. – Of these, 204 million travelled on local and regional trains, 34 million on long-distance trains, and 221 million on busses.

To the sun and back

The distance from Earth to the sun is about 145 million kilometers. Each year, trains in the ÖBB network travel approximately 145 million kilometers and the ÖBB busses 141 million kilometers.

Climate-friendly mobility

90 percent of the traction power used by ÖBB is hydropower, while 2 percent is drawn from other renewable energy sources, such as wind, and another 8 percent from natural gas.

570 Trains

570 Trains are en route simultaneously at peak times on ÖBB's 4,865 kilometer railway network. The weekday average (Mon–Fri) is 385 trains and even calculated over the week as a whole, – including weekends, – the figure is still 350 trains. A total of five trains a minute depart from their starting station; – which is one train every 12 seconds.

Grafische Darstellung "5 Züge pro Minute"